Who am I?

I'm Ryan. I'm a 19 year old IT student at NHL Stenden. I have been programming for about 5 years now. I've decided to study IT because it has always been an interest of mine. My favourite programming language is C#. I speak Dutch, English and a little bit of German and French.

What do I do?

I go to college. I study IT and I want to specialize in software engineering / back-end programming. In my free time I like to make open source software, that is free to use for everyone. I have two GitHub accounts. The one listed here is my public account, where I host all my personal projects that I work on in my free time. The other account is for my school work. Most projects on there are on private repositories. My personal GitHub is @NaamloosDT and my school GitHub is @Naamloser. I also do a bit of video editing work for my own YouTube channel and a couple of others.

My projects

Here is a list of projects I am most proud of.


DSharpPlus is a .NET Library that is used to make bots for the free VOIP service Discord. It was initially based on DiscordSharp, but we've since rewritten the whole thing to fit Discord's API standards better.

GitHub - Documentation (stable) - Documentation (nightly) - Discord


foo_discord is a plugin for the foobar2000 media player. This plugin enables Discord rich presence functionality. This means other users on Discord can see what you are listening to.

GitHub - FAQ - Discord


ModCore is a Discord bot that helps a server owner moderate and manage their server. The bot was initially meant to only serve my personal server but it has grown to be a feature complete moderator bot that is free to use for anyone.

GitHub - Wiki - Discord


Rizumu is an open source rhythm game inspired by games like Osu!, Taiko and DDR. Rizumu was written in C# on top of MonoGame. It has been in development for 3 years by now.

GitHub - Wiki - Discord

Other projects I have contributed to


Dutch Translations. (GitHub)


Visual bug fix to prevent shooting before the player has spawned. (GitHub)


Added full support for downloading, modifying and saving replays. (GitHub)


Wrote camera code that has since been replaced. (GitHub)


Fixed a documentation inconsistency where an endpoint returned only IDs where documentation stated it would return objects. (GitHub)

Magisk Manager

Dutch translations. (GitHub)


If you like what I do and want to give something back, feel free to donate via my ko-fi page.