Welcome to my site

My name is Ryan. I'm an 18 year old independent software engineer. I mostly do backend stuff, but I tend to enjoy front-end development as well. I mainly program work in C#, but I can easily work with different languages. I also like to draw, make memes and hang out with friends.

My projects

Down here are some of my best projects. If you're here to see my programming works, these are best to look at.
DSharpPlus logo


An unofficial .NET wrapper for the Discord API, based off DiscordSharp, but rewritten to fit the API standards.

ModCore logo


A powerful moderating bot written on top of DSharpPlus.

Rizumu logo


An open source rhythm game inspired by games like Osu!, Taiko and DDR.

foobar2000 logo


Adds the ability for foobar2000 to interact with Discord rich presences.



A repo full of Arduino programs. (These are rather old)

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